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heroes to your ghosts

We are heroes to your ghosts

emerge being blacklisted

Blacklisted is a Design Agency, a team of multi-disciplinary specialists. We uplift brands by developing graphics, crafting websites, advertising corporates, adorning music videos and glamourizing movies. We ensure appealing visuals for brands, companies, and individuals throughout a company’s lifespan, from cradle to grave, universally.

What’s in the Name!

Unapologetically brazen

Well, you might think we would write a long paragraph boasting about us. But Naah! Our Client Diary is enough. Here we will answer the question -Why the name ‘Blacklisted’. Imagine, a company brainstorming to get themselves a name which outshines. If we can put in the effort to get the best for us, we can definitely give more than this for your brand.

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a few proud owner of mjolnirs and stormbreaker

We are a bunch of design fanatics who work zealously to deliver the finest. Have a dream? Share with us! Your dreams and our expertise will amalgamate to transform ideas into reality; ideas that are revolutionary.
Too many days on the trails got you rolling over things, you shouldn’t be? Let us take the load off you.

our vision

we don’t do candies and rainbows

We are stubborn & here to stay

Take our hand and we’ll make it

At Blacklisted, we aim to be the best Design Agency & Digital Marketing company globally- who doesn’t! We see ourselves as innovators and disruptors who want to create lasting relationships with their clients. From the early stages of online marketing with web design and development to pivotal search engine optimization, our company is stacked on creatives.

our patrons

the hegemon of blacklisted

Eagle don’t hunt flies

we got more homage than the Devil got sinners

Our client is like our ‘Mashooka’, Every demand- no matter how small, big or weird, it is fulfilled. We are experienced in tackling the mood swings, we even meet on dates to decide our future perspective, we are not just here for casual relationships.

Just like Krishna, we are good at entertaining our ‘gopiyan’. So goood! You will want us.


  • Hitachi
  • Prime Focus
  • TWR
  • Nokia
  • eNest
  • Jal Bath Fittings


  • Badshah
  • Diljit Dosanjh
  • Kapil Sharma
  • Sunny Leone
  • Sukshinder Shinda
  • Jimmy Shergil
  • Carol Dias

Public Figures

  • Kalikwest
  • Gulzar Singh Ranike
  • Zafri Khan
  • C.P. Chandra
  • Gurwinder Singh Ranike
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