Blacklisted Agency Conducts On-Campus Placement Drive At Chandigarh University

CU Placement Drive

Blacklisted Agency held a successful on-campus placement drive at Chandigarh University on April 25th, 2023. The recruitment event aimed to handpick students interested in content writing, graphic design, digital marketing, UI/UX design, and illustration.

The event received positive feedback from all involved, with Chandigarh University’s hospitality being particularly noteworthy. The CRC Director, Mr Navneet Singh and Assistant General Manager at CRC, Mr Amandeep Singh, along with the university faculty, ensured that all arrangements were in place, from the venue to the technical equipment, creating an ideal environment for the drive. The recruitment drive saw a significant turnout of students, displaying great potential for the future of the job market in the region.

Why Does On-Campus Placements Matter?

On-campus placements hold immense significance in the corporate world, serving as a vital means to identify and nurture fresh talent and revitalise the industry with new energy and enthusiasm. For numerous companies, on-campus placement drives have become crucial to their recruitment process. In renowned and esteemed universities, these drives hold even greater importance as they offer a unique platform for companies and students to find the most suitable fit for their individual requirements.

The convenience of access to potential candidates is a crucial advantage of on-campus placement drives. Participating companies get to interact with students directly, gaining insight into their personalities, interests, and career goals. This engagement enables companies to identify candidates who align best with their organisational culture and values, which is critical for long-term success.

For students, on-campus placement drives offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential employers and explore various career options. Additionally, students can receive constructive feedback on their skills and abilities, enhancing their profiles and positioning themselves optimally for future opportunities. Participating in on-campus placement drives is also an excellent way for students to expand their professional networks. Engaging with recruiters and representatives from various companies enables students to establish valuable connections that can benefit their future careers. These connections provide access to job opportunities, mentorship, and professional development resources.

Our Experience At Chandigarh University Placement Drive

At Chandigarh University, we were impressed with the level of talent displayed by the students. We conducted aptitude assessments to determine students’ interests and then divided them into groups for technical skill tests. The students’ skills were remarkable, and we were impressed with their creativity and innovation. This interaction allowed us to evaluate their potential for our organisation. They displayed excellent professionalism and had good industry knowledge. Our team members, including the domain leaders who supervised the assessments, had an exceptional experience at the event. We conducted aptitude assessments, categorised students according to their domains, and conducted technical skill tests. The students’ skills were excellent and displayed exemplary etiquette and behaviour.

After assessments, we conducted one-on-one discussions with the Director and HR Manager. The results of the placement drive were commendable. These placement drives enable us to serve our clients better by providing us with highly skilled professionals.

Our Gratitude For The Prestigious Host, Chandigarh University

The warm welcome we received at Chandigarh University was genuinely overwhelming. The staff members were proactive in their approach, and their assistance in making the necessary arrangements for the event was remarkable. We were enthralled by the professionalism displayed by the university’s administration and the support staff, who were always ready to help us in any way possible.

Moreover, the student’s behaviour was exemplary. They showed keen interest in our organisation. They were eager to learn more about the opportunities we offer in the fields of Content Writing, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design, and Illustrations. It was a pleasure to interact with them, and we were happy to provide guidance and answer their queries. It was heartening to witness the level of talent and passion among the students, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with them.

The End Note

The placement drive at Chandigarh University was highly successful in identifying and engaging with talented students, allowing us to comprehend their potential. We extend our gratitude to Chandigarh University for allowing us to conduct this placement drive on its esteemed campus. Such campaigns, especially in reputed universities, offer a streamlined and effective recruitment process and access to high-calibre talent. For students, these drives provide a platform to connect with potential employers, explore career opportunities, receive feedback, and expand their professional networks, ultimately positioning themselves for success.

We appreciate the exceptional skills and behaviour displayed by the participating students and look forward to engaging with them in the future. We wish them all the best in their professional endeavours.

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