Chandigarh University’s BBA Student Visit: Blacklisted.Agency

Chandigarh University’s BBA Student Visit Blacklisted.Agency


Blacklisted.Agency recently had the pleasure of hosting BBA students from Chandigarh University for an engaging and insightful industry visit. Everyone on our team had the opportunity to share their skills and expertise with the students. We also gave them an overview of our organisation and the various things that we do as a branding and digital marketing agency. The day was full of interesting talks, group learning, and a glimpse into the corporate world.

A New Spark 

It was clear from the moment the students ventured one by one into our office that it was going to be a wholesome day filled with exciting engagements and achieving new milestones. One of the main highlights of the visit was the series of interactive sessions we organised. 

These sessions covered various aspects of our work as a digital branding agency .Our team members talked about their roles, shared their experiences, and explained different processes in our company.

Detailed Sessions

Let’s dive deeper into each session during the visit. The students went for a roller coaster ride and learned a thing or two about digital branding from industry experts.

Sessions by graphic team
  1. Introduction To Blacklisted.Agency

The first session was an introduction to our company. Our CEO Mr Mohit Sharma gave a brief history of the company, explaining how he started and the journey we’ve been on to become the top creative agency in India. The students learned about our core values, mission, and vision. This session set the foundation for the rest of the visit, giving the students a clear understanding of who we are and what we do.

  1. Corporate Insights

The students got a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes at Blacklisted. Our employees explained the inner workings of our company, from marketing strategies to project management. The students learned about the challenges our team faces and the innovative solutions we come up with to overcome them.

This hands-on experience allowed the students to connect their theoretical knowledge with practical applications. They gained valuable insights into the daily operations of a corporate environment, which is something they don’t often get to see in a classroom setting.

  1. Marketing Strategies

Our marketing team took the stage during this session. They described what we do and how, including how we select our audiences, design marketing initiatives, and assess the performance of our marketing efforts. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm when it came to digital marketing, especially social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). They learned all the tactics of how a paid marketing agency works.

  1. Employee Experience

Our HR team also discussed the importance of employee experience at Blacklisted. They explained our recruitment process, onboarding programs, and professional development opportunities. The students learned about our company culture and the initiatives we have in place to ensure employee satisfaction and growth.

  1. Innovation and Technology

Unlike other paid marketing agencies, our company distinguishes itself by utilising various tools and AI technology to propel our clients’ campaigns to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Our team demonstrated some of the tools we use at Blacklisted. They discussed how technology drives our business and helps us stay ahead in the competitive market. The students were fascinated by the tech demonstrations and were very eager to learn more.

  1. Student Feedback and Interaction

Throughout the visit, the students were encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts. This open interaction made the sessions more engaging and informative. The most heartwarming scene of all was the friendly communication shared between our team members and the students. The way their eyes lit up as we cleared their doubts and satisfied their curiosity on various topics they had in mind was a big achievement for our team. 

  1. Student Testimonials

Several students shared their testimonials at the end of the visit, expressing their interest in securing a role at our social media management agency. Here are a few quotes:

  • “The visit to Blacklisted was an eye-opening experience. I learned so much about the corporate world and how businesses operate. It was inspiring to meet the team and hear their stories.”
  • “I am grateful for the opportunity to visit Blacklisted. The sessions were informative and engaging.”
  • “This visit has motivated me to pursue a career in marketing.”

  1. Mutual Learning And Knowledge Exchange

The visit was a two-way street of learning. While the students learned from the top creative agency in Tricity, our team also gained fresh perspectives from them. The students shared their academic knowledge and innovative ideas, which was refreshing for our employees.

Blacklisted Agency graphic team
Blacklisted Agency video team
Chandigarh University Visit Blacklisted agency

Glimpses Of The Visit

Here are some glimpses from the recent industrial visit, where BBA students from Chandigarh University explored Blacklisted.Agency. We captured many memorable moments during the visit. The photos and videos show the students interacting with our team, participating in sessions, and exploring our office.

We thank Chandigarh University and the visiting students for making this event memorable and enriching. We look forward to many more such interactions in the future!

Looking Forward To Future Opportunities

At the end of the visit, many of the students were hyped to join our company as they further asked for internships and future job opportunities. Their eyes were filled with passion and dreams to work at the top creative agency in India, and we could not help but notice this. We are definitely looking forward to extending an invitation to some of these talented students to join our team in the future.

Overall, the industrial visit was a huge success. It provided a rich learning experience for the students and an opportunity for our team to engage with the next generation of business leaders. We look forward to more such visits in the future. 

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