Kapil Sharma

Digital Art

Ever thought about watching your favorite comedian turning into an evil magician? If not, then have a look at this conceptual illustration of Kapil Sharma as a wicked wizard.


Kapil Sharma

Project Brief:

Kapil Sharma has made the entire nation laugh, he is the undisputed ‘King of Comedy’. Here we have presented an entirely off-beat and surreal side of Kapil Sharma.
Seems like someone has cast a ‘Black Magic’ spell over his jolly personality and made him a wicked wizard.
Well, we are the ones who cast a spell!
Kapil has such a convivial aura that it was a bit difficult to show him as an ‘Evil Magician’, after brainstorming a lot and adding tiny elements that can echo his evilness, we designed this artwork. For creating this Conceptual Digital Drawing, Adobe Photoshop for 90% of scrubbing and After Effects and Autodesk Maya were used.

Tools & Technologies:


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