A Fun Saturday At Blacklisted: Snack Dressing Competition

Fun Friday At Blacklisted

A happy and engaged team is the key to a successful and productive workplace. To break away from the monotony of the workweek, we regularly organise fun activities and events that promote team building and employee engagement. This Saturday, we had something special planned—a Snack Dressing Competition! It was an exciting opportunity for our talented staff to showcase their creativity in the kitchen and have a blast while doing so.

The Snack Dressing Competition came out to be an exciting and flavorful experience, with teams competing against each other to create the most delicious and visually appealing snacks. Let’s delve into the details of this fun-filled event and discover why it became a much-anticipated highlight of our company’s Saturday activities.

The Ultimate Culinary Battle

We divided our workforce into teams to make the event even more interesting. We added a twist to the competition by assigning a different dish to each team. This random allocation ensured that each group had diverse dishes, encouraging creativity and collaboration.

As the timer started, the teams at Blacklisted showed off their culinary prowess, trying to make their assigned dishes as unique and creative as possible. Everyone was really excited and couldn’t wait to see what the other team would come up with in their adventure.

Team A carefully cut up a bunch of fresh, colourful fruits and made a beautiful fruit salad that looked and tasted amazing. On the other hand, Team B impressed everyone by making a creamy and delicious fruit dessert by innovatively mixing together different fruits that looked just as tasted- brilliant!

Over at Team C’s station, the air was infused with the refreshing aroma of mint, lime, and a medley of other flavours. They made some really good mojito drinks by putting all the right stuff together, making it taste just right and super refreshing. On the other side, Team D showed how creative they were by putting together a plate of crunchy nachos. They carefully drizzled some tasty toppings and placed different dips with them to make the dish even more delicious.

Team E embraced the freshness of nature as they artfully arranged a garden-fresh vegetable salad. It showed how natural they are at it and how much they care about making something healthy and yummy. Lastly, Team F gave everyone a taste of street food with their amazing bhel puri. They mixed puffed rice with tangy sauces and crunchy toppings to make a snack that made everyone’s taste buds go wild.

Each team put their own special touch into their dishes, and it made the workplace look and smell like a high-end restaurant. The Snack Dressing Competition became the ultimate showdown,  filled with laughter, exchange of cool ideas, and collaboration. It was indeed a feast that delighted us all!

Scoring Parameters At The Snack Dressing Competition

We introduced a comprehensive scoring system to evaluate each team’s snack creations. The scoring sheets provided to the employees consisted of several key parameters, each worth a maximum of 10 points. The parameters included:

  • Cleanliness

This criterion assessed the cleanliness and hygiene maintained during the cooking process, considering factors such as food handling, food counter tidiness, and proper sanitisation.

  • Presentation

The presentation parameter was used to judge how the dishes looked. All the employees checked how the food was presented on the plate and what decorations were added.

  • Taste

Taste was a crucial factor in judging the dishes. This parameter evaluated the dishes’ flavours, seasoning, and overall palatability.

  • Name of the Dish

Creativity and thoughtfulness played a role in this parameter, as it considered the innovation and suitability of the dish’s name. The goal was to give credit to teams with clever names that captured what their food was all about.

  • Concept

The concept parameter focused on the originality and coherence of the team’s food item concept. All the dishes were assessed to determine whether the team successfully translated their vision into a well-executed dish.

What We Took Away From This Experience!

As fun and casual as they may seem, office activities are often a great way to take home some insightful learnings and great skills. Apart from creating an atmosphere of relaxation, they teach us the core values of collaboration and personal growth. Here are a few ways we think interactive activities contribute to the overall development of our employees.

  • Collaborative Team Spirit

By collaborating on recipes, employees share their skills, exchange ideas, and learn from one another’s experiences. Dividing tasks among team members allows for effective coordination and ensures everyone contributes to the team’s success.

  • Sparking Creativity

The collaborative environment encourages out-of-the-box thinking, inspiring teams to experiment. In this activity, they got to experiment with different flavours, textures, and presentation techniques in their snack dressings. This helps Employees develop and strengthen their interpersonal skills, including communication, cooperation, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Building Stronger Bonds

The shared experience of creating unique dressings and working together fostered camaraderie and strengthened team members’ bonds. The way they worked together in the competition also helped them do better at their jobs by making them better at working together, getting things done faster, and solving problems.

The End Note

Overall, the Snack Dressing Competition at Blacklisted came about to be an exciting and engaging event that celebrates our employees’ creativity, teamwork, and love for food. By combining the joy of cooking with the spirit of healthy competition, this event served as a reminder that work can be fun and rewarding. This event left a lasting impression on our employees, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie within our organisation.

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