Amar Shakti Eye Checkup Camp: Enhancing Employee Well-being at Blacklisted Agency

Amar Shakti Eye Checkup Camp Enhancing Employee Well-being at Blacklisted Agency

Employee well-being is frequently ignored in the busy workplace, especially when it comes to eye health. At Blacklisted.Agency, healthy waorkforce is what makes us the best creative agency in india and we understand that our employees are our most significant resource and that their health comes first. We were pleased to oraganise the Amar Shakti Eye Checkup Camp, a committed program designed to maintain the good eyesight of our staff members and improve their general well-being and productivity.

The Value Of Eye Health For Employees

Our employees spend a large portion of their day using computers, reading small print, or performing other eye-straining tasks. Clear vision is essential for being productive, focused, and comfortable at work. Ignoring eyesight problems can result in headaches, strained eyes, and more serious illnesses like cataracts or vertigo.

At Blacklisted.Agency, we firmly believe that creating an engaged and productive workforce begins with thoughtful steps taken towards the well-being of our employees. Our commitment to health and well-being can be seen by the Amar Shakti Eye Checkup Camp, which offered essential eye treatment that might prevent long-term fitness issues.

Bringing Eye Care To Blacklisted Agency

Bringing Eye Care To Blacklisted Agency

Being a reputed digital branding agency has it’s perks. Blacklisted Agency obtained direct entry to eye treatment via the Eye Checkup Camp. We made sure that our group of workers does not need to take extra time off work to visit an eye doctor by organising these camps on our office premises. This program not only saved time but also encouraged a group of workers and participants to have ordinary eye checks, promoting a way of life of fitness and well-being.

Entire Services Provided

To effectively offer seamless digital branding services, our employee should see the extraordinary and that is only possible with a clear vision. To meet all the necessities for eye care, the Eye Checkup Camp supplied various offerings which we have explained briefly. 

  1. Vision Screening 

This technique identified usual visual troubles, such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. This early identification makes timely adjustment viable.

  1. Comprehensive Eye Exams

We stumbled on and got to know diseases together like diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, and cataracts. Early identification and remedy can avoid intense consequences.

  1. Prescription Glasses

For employees who require them, on-the-spot prescriptions for corrective lenses guaranteed an immediate improvement in eyesight.

  1. Referrals For Specialised Care

To guarantee ongoing care, the camp referred patients with complex eye situations to legitimate eye experts so that they can get expert care.


Favourable Effect On Our Employees

Guaranteeing employee well-being and holding programs focusing on their productivity and good health, we encouraged productivity and depened employee-to-employer relationships. The Amar Shakti Eye Checkup Camp offered our workforce a number of advantages. 

  1. Increased Productivity

Employees with clear vision could work more efficaciously and readily, reducing errors and improving average productiveness.

  1. Reduced Eye Strain And Fatigue

Regular eye checkups like these saved our employees from eye stress and related problems, making work less tiring and more fun.

  1. Enhanced Quality Of Life

Improved vision definitely influenced both professional performance and private well-being, leading to happier, healthier employees.

Overcoming Challenges

While the initiative is making an extensive impact, we face demanding situations, including constrained resources and the need to raise awareness about the significance of healthy and fully functional eyes. To conquer these, we always try to find partnerships, investments, and network assistance. Educating our peers about the importance of regular eye checkups and making the process as convenient as possible are key goals.

How We Spread The Awareness

Everyone at Blacklisted Agency made a contribution for the successful organisation and conclusion of the Eye Checkup Camp.

  1. Spread The Word

We shared records about the eye camp and the significance of eye fitness with colleagues and buddies. Also shared our reviews and posts on socila media.

  1. Participate And Volunteer

Encouraged participation in the camps like these and volunteer to help arrange medical arrangements like these which benefit the overall heath of our employees.

  1. Advocate For Eye Health

We promote ordinary eye checkups inside our office premises and community to ensure that more people benefit from this initiative.

Appreciation gift from-Blacklisted-agency-founder-Mohit-sharma-

Looking Ahead

The Amar Shakti Eye Checkup Camp was more than just an eye checkup camp; it was a commitment to the health and well-being of our personnel at Blacklisted Agency. By prioritising eye health, we ensure that our crew has the clear, imaginative and prescient skills to excel professionally. Let’s work together in the direction of a future where sharp vision and health are accessible to all.

By fostering a healthy lifestyle, Blacklisted Agency isn’t always improving the existential aspect of our employees but also building a stronger, more efficient company. We urge every employee to make use of the resources provided as we continue to support health initiatives like these. Not only are regular checkups important for keeping a sharp eyesight, but they also serve to ensure normal health, raise spirits, and enhance everyone’s quality of life at Blacklisted Agency and prove why we are the one of the best creative agency in India. 

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