The Beautiful Witch

Digital Art

This Beautiful witch has an angelic face. The illustration has been forged with imagination and handcrafted using modern visual art tools. At blacklisted, we believe in the power of our imagination because we are well equipped with skills and tools to turn them into a reality.

The Beautiful Witch

Project Brief:

We know that these two words angel and Witch doesn’t go well with each other. Since time immemorial witches have been shown to be an ugly looking old lady, donning a black gown and a long hat, and of course riding her magical broom. But when we thought about creating a new age witch, a beautiful lady with an angelic face,  wearing a sultry dress, came to our mind. Witches are good at alluring the prey into her trap and this is how we thought about creating a new age Witch with an angelic face. The artwork is a mixture of Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop, some objects are created in Autodesk Maya for reference and sky, star, etc. are created in Adobe After Effects.

Tools & Technologies:


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