How Social Media Helps In Business

How Social Media Helps In Business

Ever got sucked into the social media vortex? You know the drill: scrolling mindlessly through Instagram’s reels section; a lot of attention is paid to reels these days. One hour turns to two, and two hours turns to three. Just when you think it’s starting to get boring, a tweet pops up with a celebrity meltdown or the latest political drama. Now you’ve spawned onto X (formerly Twitter), and your attention is renewed.

It’s a cycle we’ve all been through. Look, there’s no denying social media holds our eyes captive with all the buzz and entertainment. But here’s the thing: with all that screen time, all that scrolling, wouldn’t it be amazing if some of those moments were spent discovering your brand, a brand that actually solves people’s problems? 

That’s the magic of building a brand on social media. A creative marketing agency can guide you, or you can also do it on your own. You’re not interrupting their fun; you’re becoming a part of it and a helpful (and hopefully entertaining) presence in their digital world.

Understanding the Role of Social Media in Business

Let’s say you’re in a foreign land, lost in a crowded marketplace, separated from your partner, and can’t find your way. The fear, frustration, and helplessness settle on you, and now you start praying for a guardian angel to appear and help show you the way out. 

Suddenly, a friendly guy appears, offering assistance and pointing you in the right direction. Social media is like that guy, like your very own personal consultant who shows you the way. 

Businesses act as consultants, pointing customers toward new and exciting things they know will make their lives easier. And to be honest, it helps us!

Social Media Helps Market Your Business

What makes using social media platforms unique is that they target your business or your services to the targeted audience, basically, people who genuinely need it. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  1. Organic Discovery: Engaging social media content can spark organic discovery. When you create informative or entertaining posts, people are more likely to share them with their friends or family. In return, you get more engagements, likes, comments, and queries, and that’s how you grow.
  2. Building Relationships: Social media advertising ensures that there is interaction between the brand and the consumers. Always give valuable feedback, as these strengthen the relationship with your audience. Once you successfully obtain their interest, they’ll be more than happy to make use of your services or buy your product.
  3. Targeted Reach: Unlike a billboard that blasts its message to everyone passing by, social media allows you to target specific demographics and interests. That means your content goes directly to the people who are in need of it.

Consider partnering with a digital branding agency to help you craft a targeted strategy and ensure your content reaches the right eyes.

Social Media Powerhouses: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Brand

Social Media Powerhouses: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Brand

Not all social media platforms are the same. Each one is made to appeal to a specific audience and content style. Here’s a quick rundown of some major platforms you can use:

  • Facebook: Ideal for fostering brand communities and sharing diverse content formats.
  • Instagram: Ideal for businesses focusing on aesthetics, featuring visually stunning photos and videos.
  • YouTube: Powerhouse for video content, tutorials, product demos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  • Pinterest: Visual bulletin board for discovery-based marketing, driving traffic through eye-catching pins featuring products.
  • LinkedIn: Professional networking platform for B2B businesses, establishing industry thought leadership through relevant articles and connections.

Attention-grabbing Strategy in Social Media Marketing

Do you know how many people in the world invest their time scrolling through funny cat videos and cat memes and liking almost every cat content they see? The results will shock you. But enough about cats. Don’t be disappointed that we’re not discussing cats on this topic. This is just something to grab your attention.

Social media isn’t only about funny cat videos; we’re here to talk about how you can learn from this example.

You can use a similar attention-grabbing strategy in social media marketing to build your business by following these steps:

  1. Start with a Hook: Always start with a universally appealing or shocking point. For instance, “How many people make it a point to have their coffee in the morning? I am sure you would be stumped to know.”
  1. Create a Transition: Shift from the engaging hook to your actual topic. For example, “But enough about coffee. Let’s talk about how you can start your day with more energy using our health supplements.”
  1. Relate to Your Business: Connect the engaging hook to your business offering. Explain how your product or service can be helpful to them.
  1. Engage and Educate: Provide valuable information or tips related to your business. Make sure the content is informative and useful to your audience.
  1. Call to Action: End with a strong call to action, encouraging your audience to take the next step. For example, “Want to learn more? Visit our website to know how you can transform your daily routine.”

Social Media For Networking

No more travelling in the scorching heat, pitching your business proposal to major corporations only to be turned down because you missed a full stop on a particular page section. 

Social media is all about giving before you get.

Here’s how social media can supercharge your networking game, allowing you to ditch the flyers and connect directly with potential collaborators on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

  1. Give Content: These days, you can get ideas from anywhere. So, share anything relevant. It could be images, reels, or even funny memes related to our business.
  2. Discuss: Even if you’re an introvert, you need to get out of your shell here. Jump into relevant discussions on social media posts. Share your thoughts and views. Get noticed.
  3. Collaborate: Social media is a breeding ground for collaboration.Reach out to influencers and request a collaboration. 

Social Media Is Your Lead Generation and Traffic Machine 

Social Media Is Your Lead Generation and Traffic Machine 

Social media isn’t just for interacting with friends and family anymore. It’s become a powerful tool for businesses to generate leads and website traffic. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  1. Turning Followers into Leads: Social media lets you directly capture leads with targeted offers.Think downloadable guides or exclusive discounts in exchange for contact information.  
  1. The Power of Community:  Social media allows you to foster a community around your brand. Interact, respond to comments, and build relationships with your followers.  When people like your product or your services, they tell other people about it too.
  1. Driving Traffic to Your Doorstep:  Social media is a direct link to your website.  Include website links in your profiles and posts. This piques curiosity and gets people clicking! SEO service providers in India can be valuable partners in this process. 

Targeted social media ads can also be incredibly effective. They reach people most likely to be interested in your brand and drive qualified traffic straight to your digital doorstep.

Tips on Social Media Product Advertising

Let’s take a perfume brand, for example. You need to structure your ads and content in such a way that it even appeals to people who have never thought of buying one before. When people view your ad, they should go, “Oh, why haven’t I thought of buying a perfume before?” That’s how you should drive attention. But how do you get that reaction out of them? Here’s how: 

  1. Visually Captivating Ads: Don’t just showcase the perfume bottle. Use high-quality visuals that evoke emotions and tell a story. Images of a couple on a romantic date or someone feeling confident can ignite a viewer’s attention.
  2. Content that Educates and Entertains: Short, engaging videos that highlight the benefits of fragrance can educate potential customers and make them see perfume as more than just a scent.
  3. Be Informative and Engaging: Provide valuable content that educates and entertains. People are more likely to follow and trust brands that offer something beyond just a sales pitch. You could even ask the viewers to share their favourite fragrance memories in the comments.

Tips For Managing Social Media

Business accounts are an option you can enable in all your social media accounts. They’re created for a reason, and the best part of it all is that they’re FREE! 

So, if you’re all set to promote your brand and grow your business, here are the steps you can take:

1.) Planning & Preparation

  • Define Your Goals: What do you hope to achieve with social media? Brand awareness, increased traffic, lead generation?  Clear goals will guide your content strategy.
  • Know Your Audience: Who are you trying to reach? What interests them and when they are most active is crucial for creating content that helps your business.
  • Content Calendar Creation: Block out a week-long content calendar for each platform.  Include post types, topics, and publishing times. 
  • Content Creation Spree: Batch-create a week’s worth of content (images, videos, captions) to stay ahead of schedule. This allows for editing and ensures consistency.

2.) Step 2: Platform-Specific Strategies 

  • Facebook: 2-3 posts daily with a reasonable gap in between.
  • Instagram: 2-3 posts per day, with story updates posted throughout the day.
  • YouTube: 1-2 good quality videos in a week. 
  • Pinterest: 5-10 pins per day. 
  • LinkedIn: Daily posting frequency is 1-2. 


Social media is a two-way street. It’s about building genuine relationships and fostering a community around your brand. When you offer something of value to the community, jump into conversations and show the personality of your brand, you can turn those casual scrollers into loyal fans and brand advocates. If managed properly, the online platform is an effective tool for brand building and achieving success.

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